We cook fresh, with the best ingredients and we believe in sustainability. However, sustainability does not stop at ecological responsibility, but also includes the areas of social and economic responsibility. In order to offer our guests and our employees alike an attractive gastronomic experience while still reducing our impact on nature, we have put some thought into our approach. For example, we buy our ingredients from long-standing partners and new, local producers in order to strike a balance between the three pillars of sustainability.

Andy Krupka

You must have noticed the great Highland cattle on the way here. These belong to our friend Andy, who supplies us with delicious curry and Krakauer sausages. From time to time the one or other premium cut ends up on our lava stone grill. Andy’s Highlands live self-sufficiently from April to November on the salt marshes in front of our restaurant and feed on what nature has to offer. You can taste that!

Seebeere / Tobi Bönisch

A real local hero. Tobi not only grows the world’s best raspberries, he also supplies us with over 20 different products such as wild broccoli, herbs, salads and flowers. Depending on the weather, yes depending on the harvest, depending on the season. We can not yet completely cover our needs this way, but it is a good start to a common future and right around the corner.

Friesische Schafskäserei

Redlef and Monika run a great sheep dairy in Tetenbül near Garding with 120 dairy sheep and lovingly make great cheese products by hand. We pick up fresh grilled cheese there once a week and are very proud to be able to offer you such a good, sustainable and local product.

Fishery Reese

Even at the North Sea it does not always have to be fish from the sea. Excellent food fish such as the brown trout, the char or the whitefish are unjustly missing on the menus of large and small restaurants at the sea and in the country. Birgit and Gunnar Reese breed in the seventh generation in the family business (since 1885) in Sarlhusen excellent food fish and live for their work. In close cooperation with Hummer Pedersen, we ensure that regional and sustainable farmed fish ends up on our grill and is grilled to perfection in the Butterfly Cut. We are very proud of this.