Traveling, surfing, cooking – our life since 2014.

A lot has happened since we started our first trip. Over the years, Salt & Silver has grown from a friendship project to a well-known brand, and “Cozy & Jo” has become a team of over 30 permanent employees. We have written two cookbooks, are currently working on our third restaurant and have developed our own range of delicacies – only one constant has remained over the years: at Salt & Silver everything revolves around a passion for traveling, surfing and cooking. Of course, there are a lot of other topics that fascinate us: wine, gardening, making films & photography, developing salsas and new gastronomy concepts. If you’re more interested in what we’re up to: scroll, scroll!


Everything is more fun in a team. That is why we want our employees to share in our passion for foreign food cultures and organized a team trip to Tel Aviv. There we visited a winery, strolled through markets and raided a lot of restaurants looking for new tastes and recipes. Back in Hamburg we set out together to bring the fresh impressions into our Levante Restaurant, which reached a whole new level of authenticity and taste.

Real enthusiasm for foreign food cultures and a creative, respectful approach to ideas and tastes from elsewhere – that is the message that we want to convey in our Salt & Silver restaurants.

A meal is the most honest form of communication. Because food doesn’t lie: you can feel with all your senses whether it is prepared and presented with love, care and caution.

Our cookbooks

We spent a total of 18 months in Latin America and wrote two adventure cookbooks about our experiences there. If you are interested in traveling, surfing, cooking, then take a look!


Cozy & Jo are friends since their youth, who somehow stumbled into the Salt & Silver adventure together. What was meant to be a friendship and passion project, became a mission and vision that lasted almost a decade yet. Since 2013, they grow together, fail together, succeed together and take on any challenge they face on their journey.

If you google “friendship”, the first picture should be one of Cozy & Jo!

Of course it’s not always been easy peasy. But in times, when the shit hit the fan our friendship became what it is today.