Traveling, surfing, cooking – our life since 2014.

A lot has happened since we started our first trip. Over the years, Salt & Silver has grown from a friendship project to a well-known brand, and “Cozy & Jo” has become a team of over 30 permanent employees. We have written two cookbooks, are currently working on our third restaurant and have developed our own range of delicacies – only one constant has remained over the years: at Salt & Silver everything revolves around a passion for traveling, surfing and cooking. Of course, there are a lot of other topics that fascinate us: wine, gardening, making films & photography, developing salsas and new gastronomy concepts. If you’re more interested in what we’re up to: scroll, scroll!


Everything is more fun in a team. That is why we want our employees to share in our passion for foreign food cultures and organized a team trip to Tel Aviv. There we visited a winery, strolled through markets and raided a lot of restaurants looking for new tastes and recipes. Back in Hamburg we set out together to bring the fresh impressions into our Levante Restaurant, which reached a whole new level of authenticity and taste.

Real enthusiasm for foreign food cultures and a creative, respectful approach to ideas and tastes from elsewhere – that is the message that we want to convey in our Salt & Silver restaurants.

A meal is the most honest form of communication. Because food doesn’t lie: you can feel with all your senses whether it is prepared and presented with love, care and caution.

Our cookbooks

We spent a total of 18 months in Latin America and wrote two adventure cookbooks about our experiences there. If you are interested in traveling, surfing, cooking, then take a look!